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Rooky's Record Run - COCKTAIL HOUR

Rooky's Record Run - COCKTAIL HOUR

$ 100.00

Let Nick bring the record store to YOU. By very special arrangement, with the help of Rooky's proprietor Dick Vivian, Nick will hand select a bundle of vinyl for you, STRAIGHT from Rooky Ricardo’s Records in San Francisco, CA. In an effort to perpetuate the spirit and significance of a visit to the shop, the hope is to take you on a little listening journey, to give you “a mood in a box”... From big city girl group-y style soul, to jazzy instrumentals & finger poppin’ rhythm and blues--the aim is to give you a little taste of what a day in the shop would feel like, should Nick & Dick pick out a stack of records for you to listen to. Depending on your budget (see drop down) and tastes - Nick will put together a mix tape in reverse, a grip of 45s and an LP or two to match a shade. Each bundle is assembled-to-order, allowing for thoughtful and intended selection pulled from inventory priced specially for Rooky's Record Run. Now — you’re not gonna get anything “run of the mill” here, no top 40 oldies, and even a few Cocktail Hour friendly favs will slip in, but PLEASE, oh Discogs hunter, don’t expect any golden tickets.


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