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The Promenadin' Handkerchief Bundle

The Promenadin' Handkerchief Bundle

$ 79.99

This bundle contains a 'Promenade Blue' LP, Handkerchief (Designed By David Hart) and Tote

You're getting dressed up to go out and be seen - 

*Please note this is a PRE-ORDER bundle - All items in the bundle will not ship until the week of April 9 when the album is released* 

Album Release Date: April 9, 2021

'Promenade Blue' - Album Track List:

  1. Place Names
  2. The Spanish Look
  3. Vincentine
  4. Medicine
  5. Very Blue
  6. Silver Bracelet
  7. Proméne Bleu
  8. Fugitive Lover
  9. Minor Time
  10. B. Santa Ana, 1986
  11. To Tell

Handkerchief, Designed by David Hart:

Made in 100% silk, with hand rolled finished edges 


Gusseted canvas tote bag accommodates even a hefty record run 

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